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New activity journal to help boost children’s emotional wellbeing

A new journal is being launched in Cornwall to help children aged eight to 11 better understand their emotions and nurture their wellbeing. Called ‘MY BRILLIANT place to be ME!’, it has been created with help from primary school children across our communities and contains a range of activities and information that young people can work through at their own pace, at school, at home or on the move. The journal is designed to help children:

  • Become more aware of their emotions, and recognise and name their feelings
  • Understand that all feelings are OK
  • Become better able to manage uncomfortable feelings with simple self-soothing strategies and by seeking help
  • Identifying the people in their lives who can help them if needed

The journal is FREE and available on the Headstart Kernow website from 6 February. Hard copies will be available to local children through schools and libraries. The launch coincides with Children’s Mental Health Week, which runs from 5-11 February.